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Wishing for big change

but don’t know how to create it? You’re in the right place!

Have goals or obstacles

that you need deeper help to achieve or overcome? Rewrite your subconscious to program in success!

Your very own meditation

from #1 bestselling author, international speaker, and expert personal growth coach Tiffany Garvin.

Create powerful change from the inside out!

Achieve your goals ✷ Build confidence ✷ Calm anxiety ✷ Sooth natural birthing
Lift up out of depression ✷ Overcome illness ✷ Build toward your potential
Improve your finances ✷ Heal relationships ✷ Get help to sleep

Starting at $75

*10% off when ordering more than one custom meditation.* 

Have you ever wished…

…that you could have a guided meditation that said exactly what you wanted it to say? To have that soothing voice talk to you, personally – your name, your struggles, your wounds, your goals, and your dreams? To have help rewriting your subconscious to support your healing, overcoming, and achieving?

Maybe you’ve even tried to do it yourself, with your own voice, because you were told that your own voice is the voice you trust the most. But what you found was just the opposite. You felt agitated or dismissive of it because your subconscious knows every time you’ve lied to yourself or let yourself down. Well, you’re not alone.

This is the best of both worlds! You can have the message you need delivered in a soothing, comforting, and safe voice. This way, you can absorb the empowering, reassuring, and life-changing message easily and begin making massive change in your life!

Customize your meditation

Starting at $75

*10% off when ordering more than one custom meditation.* 

Just 5 simple steps to your dream meditation!

Step 1: Personalize the script

If you already have the script for the mediation you want to create, you’re ahead of the game! If you don’t, you can choose the pieces like a menu of your dream life. You will be able to customize the positive affirmations and statements that will move you toward your desired result. If you need more help, custom writing is available for an additional fee.

Step 2: Choose the background

If you have the ideal background soundtrack, you’re welcome to send that along with the script. If you don’t, you’re welcome to choose one of the already available options – waves crashing, tropical rain or soothing music.
If you don’t want any background sounds, that’s fine too.

Step 3: Submit your request

Once you have your script ready or know that you want help writing it and have chosen the background sound, submit them for editing and approval. Once your plan is good to go, you will receive the final script and an invoice. After confirmation on the script and payment, you should receive your custom meditation within 5-7 days.

Step 4: Confirm satisfaction

Sometimes what we think we need isn’t always what we actually need. When we finally hear it, we realize what it actually needs to say. I totally get this. If you need any tweaks to the final meditation, I will re-record it with your desired edits. If further edits are desired, there will be a small fee for the recording. I’m here to help you succeed in ways you haven’t been able to reach until now.

Step 5: Add a second for 10% off

If you have more than one challenge that you need to work through right now – don’t we all! – and would like additional meditations to help with them, order them all now and receive a 10% discount!
This way you can rotate through your meditations depending upon your particular need each day.

Customize your meditation

Starting at $75

*10% off when ordering more than one custom meditation.* 

Your Meditation Guide

Hi, I’m Tiffany Garvin 

  • #1 bestselling author
  • International speaker and trainer 
  • Expert personal development coach
  • Creator of the PERFECT Healing System
  • Overcomer of 18 years of chronic illnesses
  • Source of the soothing, healing voice

Change happens from the inside out. Tapping into the subconscious to rewrite negative beliefs into healing ones and limiting programs into goal-supporting ones is my expertise. Work with me to help unlock your potential, your power to overcome, and your keys to succeed!

Order your custom guided meditation today to finally bring your subconscious into alignment with your goals and dreams! 

What People Are Saying

“It’s making a difference! I feel stronger and more balanced emotionally. I take depression medication and listening to Tiffany’s meditations helps me more naturally process emotions. I feel human!”

~ Jessica B.

“Your new meditation helped me as much or more than anything. And I think it’s because my need for that distinct guidance as I follow along. To me it’s  guiding and staying with me, helping me, supporting me, strengthening me, all in the same time period. That meditation alone from start to finish was huge for me.”

~ Gina S.

“I can quiet my busy brain now. I feel more resilient and can be more positive. I struggle to relax and this helps me. I’m a little more aware of my struggles, but I also feel more capable of handling them.”

~ Hesston P.

Customize your meditation

Starting at $75

*10% off when ordering more than one custom meditation.* 

Why You’ll Love Your Custom Meditation

We know that meditation is a profound activity that offers powerful mental, emotional, and even physical benefits. A custom meditation will help you:
  • Get to the root of your challenges
  • Resolve unseen wounds that inhibit your healing and success
  • Break through limiting beliefs and paradigms to make real progress toward your goals
  • Create new, powerful paradigms that propel you forward in your life
  • Finally start believing in your own worth, power, and ability to succeed
  • Overcome destructive, self-sabotaging behaviors 
  • Clear away the negative mental chatter that keeps you discouraged and powerless
  • Feel more confident, peaceful, and ready to live your true potential
If you want to make 2021 the year you declare your independence from the chaos and craziness of the world, this is the solution for you!
  • Customized meditation to meet your needs and goals
  • Your choice of comforting or energizing background sounds
  • Quality recording to enjoy without disruption or distracting noise 
  • Powerful healing principles and techniques applied to your desires to create real change
  • Tiffany’s soothing, nurturing voice to calm your troubles, lift your spirits, and empower you to succeed

Here are some sample meditations…

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to already know how to write a meditation script?

No. You can use the examples, prompts, and even writing help to craft your perfect meditation.

How long does a meditation need to be?

It’s totally up to you! If you know you can’t listen to meditations for very long, make it on the short side – around 5-10 minutes. If you prefer to have a nice long one to really get deep, make it a bit longer – up to 15 minutes or so.

What if there’s something not quite right with my meditation?

Before the first recording, you will have the opportunity to read the final script. You can make any necessary changes to it at that point before moving forward. If there’s still something off when you receive the recording, you will be able to make an additional change to get it just right and I will record it again at no additional cost. If you change your mind after that, there will be a fee for any further recordings.

Do I need to have sound in the background of my meditation?

No. Options are there for you to choose from, but you don’t need them. The words of the meditation are the key, the background sounds can help you feel calm and be in the proper state to receive healing.

How long will I need to listen to my meditation to see the benefits?

While there is not an exact amount of time you can expect to see benefits, you will likely begin feeling a shift right away. Depending upon your challenge or goal, how many additional factors go into your success, and how active you are in taking the actions needed to achieve your goals, your results may be pretty quick or take a few months.

Can I have background sounds extended beyond the end of my meditation?

Yes. If you would like more time to sit and process what has been said in your meditation with additional background sounds, that’s perfectly fine. It won’t add to the cost.

Customize your meditation

Starting at $75

*10% off when ordering more than one custom meditation.*