Life Above the Line & Essential Oils

Classes that empower you to heal from the outside in and the inside out.

Living Abōve the Line Classes

For more than two decades, we have researched, experimented, innovated, and helped ourselves and others along a remarkable healing journey. Two solutions have risen to the top and are a perfect fit for maximum benefit – the purest, most potent essential oils on the planet and the simple, yet powerful techniques from Life Above the line that resolve issues from the inside out.

Every Tuesday at 7pm and Friday at 1pm Central time on Zoom.

Kids’ Essential Emotions
Join Tiffany Garvin in learning how to empower kids with essential oils and managing their emotions.
Watch the recording here

AromaTouch Technique
Chris will be focusing on the AromaTouch Technique. It was key in Tiffany’s journey of healing, so we’re very passionate about it. Come and learn about this powerful experience and how you can bring it in to your home.
Tuesday, November 9 @ 7pm

What do you really want?
Join Tiffany to learn how to get what you really want. Begin understanding what’ holding you back from reaching your goals and having the life you desire.
Tuesday, November 9 @ 7pm

Energy & Vitality
Join Chris Garvin in learning how to increase your energy levels with Life Long Vitality and resolving emotional triggers.
Tuesday, November 2 @ 7pm

Beyond Affirmations
Join us for an introduction into building empowering beliefs with a new way of doing affirmations that goes deeper to make real so you can change more quickly.
Friday, November 12 @ 7pm

Upcoming Topics

If you’d like to learn about a specific topic, email us and let us know!

Being Prepared for Anything
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Increasing Confidence
Balancing Hormones
Enhancing Mental Clarity
Emotional Aromatherapy
Improve Decision Making