Tiffany Garvin is a #1 bestselling author of the life-changing book Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live.

She is an executive coach, international speaker, and innovator in the field of personal development. For eighteen years, she struggled with debilitating chronic illnesses. When she finally overcame that challenge, what she learned along the way became the catalyst for her life’s work. Her vision is to empower people around the world to harness their innate gifts and abilities to overcome their own challenges, live their genius, and create a life they love. Then, invite them to Serve, Love, and Lift those around them.

Despite her chronic illnesses, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies/Chinese and earned a first degree black belt in Kenpo Ju-jitsu. She is happily married, the mother of three children, and loves her life of coaching, speaking, and lifting people toward their potential.

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