Stress Immunity Program (Beta) | Armor Pest Defense

This program is to help build your stress immunity, which is basically your ability to successfully handle life.

You have a tough job that can be extremely rewarding. As you become stronger internally, you become more resilient. As you become more resilient, you bring a better version of yourself to your work. When that happens, the sky’s the limit!

Incorporate the materials below into your daily routine to set yourself up for the success you signed on to achieve.

Resilience Meditations

Listen to at least one meditation per day.

You can listen to the same one each time or alternate between them.

The more often you listen, the better you will be at responding to stress.

As you respond better to stress, you will experience more confidence, steadiness, health, and success.

Reset Audios

Listen to the Reset Audios whenever you need help working through frustration, discouragement or stress.

Repeat as many times as necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stress Immunity?

Stress Immunity is the capacity to handle life’s challenges. In the dictionary, immunity is the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin; a protection or exemption from something. Building stress immunity then is the effort to increase our resilience to stress and protect ourselves from its toxic effects.

Why is stress such a big deal?

It costs the economy hundreds of billions of dollars per year. The World Health Organization even calls it an epidemic. It significantly strains companies, relationships, and individual lives. The effects of stress build up in our bodies over time. If we don’t have coping strategies to respond well to stress, especially the chronic stress most of us experience, it can contribute to physical ailments, mental and emotional illness, loss of money or employment or worse.

How do meditations help with stress and anxiety?

Simply using meditation in any form can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve sleep and mental clarity. These Resilience Mediations do even more. They are designed to work on the subconscious level to rewrite negative beliefs that prevent us from handling stress well, cause us to react impulsively instead of consciously, and deteriorate our ability to choose how we respond to challenges.

What if I feel more stress after listening to the meditations?

You may experience the awareness of more stress if you have been effective at dismissing your stress before. This often happens when we feel overwhelmed and incapable at handling life’s difficulties. The meditations will strengthen your ability to handle stress, so you may find yourself recognizing your stressors and feeling driven to resolve the issues causing that stress. Take a deep breath and believe in your new ability to work through whatever you’re struggling with.

How long before I start feeling better after listening to the meditations?

Depending upon how strong your current capacity is to handle stress can determine how soon you feel stronger and more capable. You may feel immediate improvement–more peaceful and less reactive to challenges, more confident in your ability to succeed, more clear about your goals and purposeful in your efforts. It may also take a few days of listening to the meditations before you recognize the benefits. Keep track of how you feel each day and you will notice improvement more quickly.

Can I use the techniques in the reset audios on my own or do I need to listen to them when I struggle with something?

If you prefer to be self-directed in managing your stress, feel free to use the processes on your own. You have all the power you need to strengthen yourself, especially if you use the methods from the audios often. The reset audios are there for you as long as you need or want that kind of support.

I really like personal development and would like to learn more about what’s behind the meditations and audios.

If you would like to learn more, there are additional trainings available. There are also two books available to read about these methods for managing life better: Life Above the Line: Living the Life You’re Meant to Live and The Alchemy of Becoming: Muscle Testing for Self-Discovery. They are both available on Amazon.

I love how I’m feeling with these audios, can I share them with my spouse?

Yes! You are free to share all the audios with family members living in your home. There are also children’s audios available at your request.