What talents do you have? Are you good at singing, dancing, playing an instrument, speaking in front of people? Those are the things we usually think of when we consider talents. What about cooking, cleaning or decorating your home, playing with your kids, listening to friends when they need you? These are beautiful talents or maybe more accurately, gifts that you’ve been given. These gifts that you possess can help to make the world a better place.

We all have been given talents and gifts to give us joy and to bring others joy, peace, hope or entertainment. It’s what we do with these skills that matters. But, what if you don’t even think you have any? Your first step may be to discover them. Knowing they are there is a great first step. Now that you know, look for them. What do you enjoy doing? Why? Has anyone complimented you lately on something you’ve done? Did you recognize it as a talent or gift? What do you think about when you have a moment to yourself? Start paying attention to your life and what it is trying to tell you. There are clues all around you to help you see what you have inside of you that, if unleashed, will brighten your day or someone else’s.

As you begin noticing this beauty inside of you, give it voice. Whether it is remembering how much you loved drawing when you were a kid or how good you felt when you finally send that note to your friend/sister/mother/whomever that you’d felt impressed to send. Those thoughts are there to guide you, follow through on them. Steal away ten minutes in the next day or so and just humor yourself by writing that poem that’s been floating around in your head for days. No one HAS to even read it, but maybe someone would just love it, too!

Talents and gifts are truly blessings to us. If we develop them and share them, they will be blessings to others as well. It is not only our opportunity to express these skills, but also a responsibility to help make the world a better place if we possibly can. Even if that better place is our own little home with our own little family, who better to bless?

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