Permission to live

For many of us guilt plays a central role in our lives, determining how much stage time we are allowed to give ourselves. Guilt has a productive place in our lives, but only when we do something bad. It motivates us to do better. Giving ourselves spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social nourishment is NOT BAD! It comes down to balancing priorities and permission.

I heard someone say once that goals are things to strive for, not sticks to beat ourselves with. It is the same with guilt. It is there to keep us on a good path, not to steal our dreams or create unnecessary martyrs out of us. There is beauty in the balance of priorities where we fill ourselves with good and then serve those around us. We lift our hearts and minds so that we can lift others. It must be this way or else we run the risk of exhausting our personal resources or, as we’ve seen many times, losing our identities to the list of to-do’s and people to take care of. The topic of identity is for another time. For now, we must accept that we are worth the best efforts we can give. The best thing we can do for our loved ones is give them the best and happiest us we possibly can.

What the world needs now – at least all you wonderful, self-sacrificing, longing-to-dream people – is permission! True balance of priorities in life includes a healthy amount of permission to be you, to dream unfiltered and to accomplish your unique role in the world. Some of us need permission to be happy and fulfilled. If you need to hear it plainly, here it is. As your new friend and experienced co-survivor, I give you permission to live the life you are meant to live! Go, dream, live, love, serve and be happy!

Since you do understand that you are to take care of yourself throughout this life just as you take care of others, remember to keep guilt in its place and learn how to live your life to its fullest. Discover what fills you up inside then go and do it. Your life will be much more productive, meaningful, and happy if you stand in your place of power and be you. So, accept this permission to shine your beautiful light and then let me know what you do!

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