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Are you truly free?

I didn’t always feel free. In the Spring of 1996, I was serving the good people in Fort Worth, Texas. I was 22 years old and working hard to build a good life. I started experiencing some odd symptoms – crippling pain that moved around my body without cause, heavy fatigue, and then short term memory loss. I was confused and afraid. Doctors were at a loss, except for one. Her words made my heart sink. Keep reading…

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

“Balanced. Unconditional. Empowering. Three words I feel when I coach with Tiffany. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking advancement, whether in the business world or in personal life.”

~ Mako W.

“Having Tiffany Garvin as my business coach has helped me gain a better understanding of who I am as a person and a business woman. Thanks to her, I am well on my way to financial freedom. Because of Tiffany’s help, I have been able to grow my business, train my leaders, and do something I love doing.”

~ Sarah J.

“I reached out to Tiffany for one aspect and she ended up assisting in multiple facets that ended up being better than my wife and I ever could have imagined or hoped for. The tools she teaches and provides are better than I have seen anywhere. Light years ahead of others. I now have a base to provide healing and help to myself with the tools she taught and provided. Thank you so much Tiffany!!”

~ Matt R.

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